Chloé Vigliotti
PhD student


Information: Chloe Vigliotti is a PhD student in biology, codirected by Anthony Herrel (MNHN, UMR 7179) and Eric Bapteste. She is working on a comparative study of gut microbiome of two populations of lizards : a population of insectivorous Podarcis sicula and a population of omnivorous Podarcis sicula. First, the population of omnivorous lizards was insectivorous, but their diet and their anatomy has changed in 35 years.
Chloe is looking for new exploratory methods and algorithms based on the graphs theory in order to study the adaptations of the gut microbiome at the omnivorous diet (taxonomic and functional diversity of metagenomics sequences, impact of the lateral gene transferts between microorganisms in this adaptative process).