Eric Bapteste shares his insight into viruses and how they evolved to target human cells, as part of Finding Genius Podcast.

An audio conference by Eric Bapteste at Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris, France).

Audio and description, courtesy of ENS Paris, cand be found here.

'Les battements du temps', Rencontre transdisciplinaires du centre d'Etude du Vivant (Université Paris Diderot, April 3rd 2018)

This virtual colloquium was held online on March 23rd 2021 and was funded by French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

Please bear in mind that some of the talks are given in French and some in English (depending on the language of the abstracts below)

'Le vivant a sa matière noire', 27ème Nuit des Etoiles (Fleurance, Juillet 2017)

'Le Réseau du Vivant', conference given at Cité des Sciences (Paris, 2015). In French

Congreso Futuro Chile 2019 - "La Evolución de la Especie" (In Spanish)

Books written by Eric Bapteste over the past few years (in French).



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